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Co-Founder & CEO

An admirer of audacity and grit, passionate about bringing people together and ending oppression, in all its forms.

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Chief of Impact and Advocacy

Striving to amplify adolescent voices and narrate stories seldom heard. Driven by resilience, passionate conversations, coffee, cat love, and the mountains.

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Country Director

Like spending time with books, candles and all things nice. Passionate about one on one connections, creating processes which lead to impact and power of young people

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Director of Staff

Always a fan of quietly rebelling for a cause and destigmatising MHH hits home! Friends call me Zombie for short

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Executive Assistant & Organisation Development Manager

In a constant loop of learning and unlearning about society, stigmas and making sense of the world. An ardent lover of pickles, questions & BTS

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Design & Learning Development Manager

Part-time musician, full-time committed to enabling human rights and learning from the cultures, artforms and practices of diverse communities.

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Fundraising Manager

Passionate about advancing the rights and reclaiming the power of female bodied individuals via stories and narratives while exploring the intersectionality of menstruation, sexual reproductive health, sexuality, gender, body positivity and self awareness to foster empathetic systems change

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Senior Operations Manager - Karnataka

Determined to break taboos around menstruation for other women, girls and menstruators so they don’t have to bear period shame and poor menstrual health as she did.

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Partnerships Manager

Inspired by human psychology and learning of trauma, behaviour patterns and healing processes connected to art, nature and creativity.

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Governance Manager

Drawn to understand how existing power differentials affect the disenfranchised to enact change in the most meaningful way.

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Regional Manager - Maharashtra

I wash all my clothes, if I am in tension or feel anxiety (Don't give me your clothes Himanshi). Also, I am a chatterbox

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Communications and

Social Media

A mountain-loving, wannabe mountain biker who's mostly found sleeping under the sun. A staunch believer of witchcraft and wizardry and self proclaimed Universe's favourite kid having a penchant for dark humor. I am a Unicorn!

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Operations Lead - Hello Saathi

Like to cook 2-3 course meal at night (2am approx)

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Regional Operations Lead

Jamui, Bihar

Passionately working on women centric issues and trying to destigmatise topics through creating safe spaces in communities

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Regional Manager -

Madhya Pradesh

Passionate about completing any work I start. I cannot rest until I feel satisfied with it. Also, I love getting drenched in the rain and going on long rides on my scooter.

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Training & Learning Development Lead

I believe love is revolutionary and children spread love. Also, I dream, a dream of a world filled with sunflowers, joie de vivre and a dinner table the length of earth's diameter.

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Partnership Coordinator - Karnataka

I love listening to songs but cannot sing. I enjoy cooking.

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Finance Manager

We know we can’t solve a community’s social issue with the limited resources available, but we can leave our impact on the people we work within those communities and promote awareness across the country for the importance of the service.I am passionate about music and animals.

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Training & Learning Development Lead

I like to drink coconut oil when I am happy and when I am angry.

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Regional Operational Lead - Maharashtra

I am a person who is obsessed with self. I love traveling and flowers, so I always try to indulge myself in them. In the community and with girls you may find me very energetic and extroverted but I prefer to be an introvert.

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Regional Manager, Karnataka

A bookworm, currently plugged into audio books, master of unintended jokes, I never know when and why people would laugh at what I say. Dog mom with a million dog stories. I am also passionate about mental health.

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Governance Lead

Working to empower girls and women to reach their full potential. Love travelling between my homes in Dharamshala, Goa and Mumbai, my pet cats and dogs between all these places, and melodramatic Bollywood music.

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