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In India, there are
123 million adolescent girls constituting 10% of the population


dial-ins concerned menstrual irregularities and disorders out of 2726 organic calls post service introduction


adolescent girls are tracking their menstrual cycles


adolescent girls are changing their menstrual products at least twice a day


resolved their issues on call with a helpline agent and/or doctor


of girls started using Uninhibited's period trackers, influenced by peers, curiosity, or trust in the provider, showing successful adoption of menstrual tracking tools

22% - 28%

reached out to school staff with their menstrual need and went to a healthcare provider physically

Menstrual Health - A Vital Health Indicator
(healthier girls and women)

In residential schools, children often find it difficult to share concerns especially when they are seeking support concerning accessing healthcare services or even sharing about an issue they could be facing. The stigma surrounding Menstrual Health & Hygiene adds to their frustration and isolation.

Bindu, a 7th grader at a residential school in Karnataka, faced these very challenges. She was experiencing excessive white discharge and irregular bleeding. Her mother dismissed her concerns and suggested she speak to someone at the hostel. However, Bindu found it hard to share her worries, feeling isolated and unsupported.

Uninhibited stress upon creating a stress-free non-judgmental environment for adolescent girls to learn and talk about their body and related experiences and exercise more agency. In this case, Bindu reached out to our community resource person (CRP) who was conducting PeriodShala sessions at her school, who also supported her in accessing appropriate healthcare support.

Bindu was diagnosed with anaemia upon treatment — which remains a public health challenge for adolescents, impacting their lives in multiple ways. However, she has seen a noticeable improvement in her health post the visit.

While awareness among adolescents is essential, adults too need to be sensitised to their realities and how to respond effectively and empathetically. This emphasises the importance of supportive environments where health issues can be discussed without fear of judgement.

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How a Principal of a school in a village in Karnataka contributed to creating a period-friendly environment.

Susheela, our community resource person facilitated a transformative change in the sanitation facilities at Chakkanahalli, a village near Kanakapura, Karnataka. 

Susheela engaged with 25 girls from classes nine and ten, initiating a session where the children were tasked with drawing pictures of toilets. Surprisingly, none of the drawings depicted sanitary products, prompting Susheela to inquire further. The students revealed that their toilets lacked essentials like soap for handwashing, as they were afraid to ask the headmaster for it. Empowering the students, Susheela accompanied them to address the Principal, advocating for necessary amenities like soap, dustbins, and lighting. Despite challenges, including a lack of response from the Panchayat, girls persisted, resulting in the headmaster allocating funds for toilet cleaning and committing to regular maintenance. 

With student-led cleaning groups formed, the toilet was transformed, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility among the students. Through this collaborative effort, the students not only improved the hygiene of their school environment but also gained confidence in advocating for their needs.

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*inclusive of non-binary, trans, and people who menstruate

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