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As Uninhibited celebrates its 10th anniversary, I find myself reflecting on a decade of impactful work and growth. Over the last ten years, we have reached nearly half a million women and girls across 10 states in India. We took over the leadership of the Menstrual Health Hub and evolved to work with governments to influence large-scale sustainable change. This journey has exceeded my wildest dreams from when I started 10 years ago.


Looking ahead, we have an ambitious goal of reaching 1.6 million adolescent girls over the next three years and making significant strides to collectivise the global ecosystem through the MH Hub. To achieve this, I  have grown to realise we need leadership that can harness and amplify our efforts with lived experiences.


With this in mind, I have decided to step down from my role as CEO to support a transition towards a fully women-led and women-centered direction. I am thrilled to announce that my esteemed colleagues, Bhuvana and Zenobia, will be stepping up as Co-CEOs. They will independently lead our grassroots initiatives and our broader ecosystem work, which is why the co-CEO structure is ideal.


Although I am stepping back, I am not stepping away. I will remain actively involved as a founder and board member. The transition will be gradual, and I plan to take a full step back only by the end of the year.


I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved together and deeply grateful for your continued support as we embark on this new chapter for Uninhibited. Here’s to another decade of making a difference!


Warm regards, 


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Dilip Pattubala


An admirer of audacity and grit, passionate about bringing people together and ending oppression, in all its forms.


Note from the New Leadership

As Uninhibited stands on the threshold of a change in guard, we want to take a pause and reflect on the remarkable journey that has brought us to this moment. We want to acknowledge that nothing short of immense love, commitment, and passion has made it into the organisation that we see today. While we are undoubtedly stepping into big shoes, we do so with grateful hearts, eager minds, and a deep sense of responsibility.


We are filled with excitement and a touch of nervousness, as we embark on this journey. We are excited about the opportunities to break barriers, challenge stereotypes, innovate as a team, and embrace a feminist approach to leadership. At the same time, we feel the need to ensure we continue to prioritise listening to our team, staying grounded, while meeting the high expectations we set for ourselves. 


We hope to embrace both these feelings, allowing them to guide us as we move forward, embedded in trust and respect, confident in our uncanny ability to celebrate wins and tackle challenges together. 

What does feminist, women-centred leadership mean to us at Uninhibited, we ask ourselves, as we bring our lived experience as menstruators into the nuances of our work.


Leadership within an organisation is not solely about the CEO’s journey; it also involves encouraging and creating space for each individual to become a leader. We embrace the idea that a feminist collaborative approach to leadership is more important now than ever. 


At Uninhibited, our Co-CEO structure embodies this commitment. By sharing leadership responsibilities, we ensure a balance of diverse perspectives and mutual accountability. This collaborative approach enriches our decision-making processes and fosters innovation. We want to continue to be intentional about encouraging the spirit of collaborative leadership and decision making through our actions and interactions with our team across regions and roles.

We look forward to destigmatising menstruation and making menstrual health a vital indicator of overall health and well-being for adolescents. Additionally, we will continue to passionately engage with the national and global MH ecosystem in our advocacy efforts with the spirit of not reinventing the wheel, but making it spin better, through our initiatives on working with men and boys, and mental health and menstrual health intersections.


As the torch gets passed onto us, it is with great pride and pleasure that we invite each one of you to be part of this journey. Your unwavering support and collaboration is vital to us, as we begin this new chapter, and we are excited to achieve great things together.


Zenobia Imtiaz


Bhuvana Balaji


Always a fan of quietly rebelling for a cause and destigmatising MHH hits home! Friends call me Zombie for short.



I enjoy capturing visual stories that reflect the depth of human experiences. When I'm not working, I am with my cats and dogs, practicing Sufi music, or traveling solo to explore different cultures. A mix of compassion, curiosity, and creativity drives me to make a positive impact, inspiring those around me to do the same.


Executive Assistant & Organisation Development Manager

In a constant loop of learning and unlearning about society, stigmas and making sense of the world. An ardent lover of pickles, questions & BTS.

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Design & Learning Development Manager

Part-time musician, full-time committed to enabling human rights and learning from the cultures, artforms and practices of diverse communities.

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Senior Operations Manager - Karnataka

Determined to break taboos around menstruation for other women, girls and menstruators so they don’t have to bear period shame and poor menstrual health as she did.

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Governance Manager

Drawn to understand how existing power differentials affect the disenfranchised to enact change in the most meaningful way.

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Design & Learning Development Manager

Socially engaged artist, engaged in art, while talking about art, looks at the world through art while feeling intimidated by other artists and their art. You get the point!

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Communications Manager

A mountain-loving, wannabe mountain biker who's mostly found sleeping under the sun. A staunch believer of witchcraft and wizardry and self proclaimed Universe's favourite kid having a penchant for dark humor. I am a Unicorn!

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Regional Manager -

Madhya Pradesh

Passionate about completing any work I start. I cannot rest until I feel satisfied with it. Also, I love getting drenched in the rain and going on long rides on my scooter.

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    Finance Manager

    We know we can’t solve a community’s social issue with the limited resources available, but we can leave our impact on the people we work within those communities and promote awareness across the country for the importance of the service.I am passionate about music and animals.

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      Partnership Coordinator - Karnataka

      I love listening to songs but cannot sing. I enjoy cooking.



      Training & Learning Development Lead

      I like to drink coconut oil when I am happy and when I am angry.



      Regional Coordinator - Karnataka

      I love to eat a variety of food but never learnt to cook.  I love traveling more than staying at home. No matter how difficult of a situation I am in, I will keep those around me smiling.


      Swasthya Saathi -


      I love to cook. I also enjoy connecting with people, having conversations and building relationships.




      Swasthya Saathi -


      I love singing and reading story books. I also love dancing.

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      Swasthya Saathi -


      I love reading books. Sometimes, I unknowingly quote them.



      Swasthya Saathi -


      I love clicking pictures and talking.


      Swasthya Saathi -


      I love to connect with people and speak in Hinglish.

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      Community Resource Person - Maharashtra

      I like to understand what others are thinking. I always like to help others and I love to travel.

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      Community Resource Person - Maharashtra

      I love to travel and I love to wear new clothes.

      Akshaya Chavan.jpeg


      Community Resource Person - Maharashtra

      I love to travel, shop, and chat.

      Kavita Bambare.jpeg

      Community Resource Person - Maharashtra

      I like to get drenched in the rain, take my own photos, and make videos of them.

      Kavita Dighe.jpeg


      Community Resource Person - Maharashtra

      I love to walk in the rain and to plant rice.

      Jayashree Warghade.jpeg


      Community Resource Person - Maharashtra

      I like to meet new people and talk to them.

      Board of Advisors

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      Lakshminarayana K

      Chief Endowment Officer,
      Azim Premji Foundation

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      Wendy Anderson

      The Case For Her

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      Krishna Dahya

      Currently at Foster America with 15+ years 
      managing and building fellowships globally

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